• 1. Resists Penetration of water.
  • 2. Increases the strength of the wall, Protects the Salt of walls and plaster.
  • 3. Dampness on the walls due to Salinity heavy rains, blisters on the walls and plaster falling of completely Protects the walls.
  • 4. Do not Spill white plaster Powder.
  • 5. The dampness of the walls and plaster Prevents the damp feeling and Sweating.


  • 1. Far wall masonry & plaster.
  • 2. Brick wall, Basement, Tunnel bridge, Water Tank, Swimming Pool etc.
  • 3. Grouting can be done with UNIQUE-DP if dumped in old building.



  • Unique-DP can be used with all type of Portland Gray cement.
  • Unique- DP ASTM C494 Тyрe- A& F


  • 250 ml to 500ml al Unique-WP is required for 50 kg (1bag) of cement, which is defend on water layer condition.
  • Add Unique wp to the mixing Water.
  • Do not add Unique wp admixture directly to the Cement.
  • Where mixing of water is not possible, It should be poured on aggregate in the feeder.


Can be stored in Packaged dry place for up to 2 years.

Pack Size:: 1 Ltr, 2 Ltr, 5 ltr, 10 Ltr, 20 ltr, 60 Ltr, 120 Ltr, 230 Ltr

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